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1- The official warranty within European Community is valid lifetime.

2- The official warranty is excluded in the event of damage due to improper use or non-compliance of the instructions regarding the use indicated on our website for each product, as, for example, in the following cases:

- insufficient care and maintenance;
- rod modifications (such as holes, milling and painting);
- Mounting additional components or replacing our components with other unauthorized or otherwise non-equivalent or not compatible with originals

3- If replacement is required, we will replace them with components of the same color and material as the originals, without exception. If other components replacement is required, we will use products of the same type and color unless unavailable in stock.

4- The warranty does not include additional charges (such as shipping costs for return and delivery outside Italy) and any mounting costs for components required as a result of a change in product models in the meantime.

5- Interventions performed by unauthorized personnel or companies that are not licensed by us or otherwise commercially unrelated to us will totally invalidate the warranty, without any exclusion.

6- Our official warranty is valid and effective only for our customer, the first buyer of the product.