Borderline Fishing is essence, elegance and innovation.
The Borderline style is ESSENTIAL, made of a few frills, but with a maniacal care in the details typical of the Japanese philosophies that take care of every single creation so that it can be recognizable and inimitable. The high technical content of Borderline Fishing products does not preclude the ELEGANT style that only Made in Italy productions can offer and that distinguishes every rod and makes fishing action pleasant and comfortable. The interest in new and emerging fishing techniques leads us to experiment and INNOVATE continuously, from the construction materials to the most extreme crafting horizons, in the most refined and minimal aesthetic creations.
The scrupulous care in the selection of raw materials of the highest quality, the care and refinement of craftsmanship, the strict quality control throughout all stages of production, the use of highly skilled labor and the vocation for the quality production of made in Italy, the know-how in the processing of composite materials, together with the continuous investment in research and development are the strengths of the corporate philosophy Borderline Fishing srl.
The search for production solutions designed to maximize the exploitation of the fishing rod, even in the later stages of production, complete the company's vocation for the production of products symbolizing high Italian quality, made to meet the high quality standards required by the most ambitious anglers on the national and international market.


All Borderline fishing rods are assembled with a scrupulous selection of the best components available on the world market with the constant research aimed at the use the highest quality offered by the local production supplì chains and by the excellence of the market niches.


Each product in the catalog is made after a thorough study of its uses through a rigorous phase of prototyping and field performance test, with continuous adjustments and filings to the final product. This process is further amplified in custom shop productions through a close collaboration with the customer who is involved in each of the phases, from the initial design of the blank, to the smallest aesthetic details, to get to pack a "sartorial" fishing rod, perfectly sewn on customer needs.


Turning and making of handles, ligation and resin coating, blank colors, application of decals and customizations.


The blank painting phases are carried out with particular products that have been selected and tested to give the maximum aesthetic features and resistance to salt environment and UV radiation for a yield unchanged over time.


Borderline fishing uses special bicomponent glues and adhesives during all rafting stages, in order to obtain the maximum compatibility with all components. The quality of the materials used and the care in the gluing phases makes it possible to obtain rods with a solid and long-lasting structure absolutely free from the phenomena of collecting plates, crosses and other components heavily stressed by heavy fishing action.


Research and experimentation push us to find and continually select new materials and innovative production processes for the realization of increasingly extreme assemblages, more and more refined and minimal technical and aesthetic creations.